About us

The Association has a long history of bringing people from Sutherland together in Edinburgh for social, cultural and sporting events, as well as raising money for good causes in the county and beyond. In addition, it has recently been a supportive voice for communities campaigning on certain local issues in Sutherland, such as rural bank closures and Highland Council’s approach to school transport.

We recently appointed David Morrison as our Patron. Mr Morrison, from Sangobeg, Durness, is a well-known business man and supporter of the Association.

The Association has been going from strength to strength in recent years, holding various fund-raising events allowing it to donate over £21,000 to good causes in Sutherland since 2011. We can only support such worthy causes because of our fundraising activities, donations and membership subscriptions.

Fundraising events include our annual ceilidh in Edinburgh, ceilidhs in Sutherland, bake-offs, quiz nights and raffles. We can only continue to donate to the good causes we support with donations, membership fees, sponsorship and participation in our events.

Our History

In the past, the association supported Sutherland students at school and university with prizes and bursaries, and was involved in campaigning and fundraising on issues affecting the area such as crofting, transport, Gaelic language and culture, and the foundation of Golspie Technical School by the Duchess of Sutherland in 1903. Past members and patrons included Andrew Carnegie and the Duke of Westminster. Andrew Carnegie was a Patron of the Association during the period of his life spent at Skibo in Sutherland between 1901 and his death in 1919. A report from 1954-55 shows just how busy the members were :

During the winter months the Committee organised 7 Ceilidhs followed by a dance in each case, 1 whist drive and dance, 1 afternoon whist drive and the Annual Dance on Christmas Eve. Two bus trips also took place since the last General Meeting - one - the annual outing - in June, and the other - a mystery tour - in April. These were all very enjoyable and successful particularly the Closing Ceilidh when over 300 people listened to an excellent programme under the chairmanship of Mr J. M. Bannerman.

A message from our President...